Install cert-manager (optional)

git clone
cd k8-byexamples-cert-manager
make install

Clone the k8-byexamples-ingress-controller repository

git clone​
cd k8-byexamples-ingress-controller
git submodule update --init

Install the ingress controller

Now we can install the ingress controller and it's resources (RBAC, Deployment, Service) with the following command:

make install LOADBALANCER_IP=

Create Ingress Resource & Certificate Request

We need an Ingress Resource which maps our hostname (and/or paths) to a specific service. We will also create a "Certificate Request" Resource which will request an SSL certificate to be issued from by means of our cert-manager deployed pod.

make issue HOST=<> SERVICE_NAME=<service> SERVICE_PORT=<port>

Now you will be able to access your service via the hostname and/or LOADBALANCER_IP (above).